London School of Economics Introduces New Online Cryptocurrency Investment Course

London School of Economics Introduces New Online Cryptocurrency Investment Course

July 11, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

One of the leading academic institutions, the London School of Economics (LSE) will start offering an online course on Cryptocurrency investment, beginning in August of this year.

According to the London School of Economics’ announcement, their new course will come with the name of “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption. They’ll offer around sixty hours of learning for only £1,800, and you’ll come out as a certified Crypto academic.

Certified Cryptocurrency Course

The London School of Economics will now join to the continuously growing list of famous institutions who now offers Crypto classes with their new online certified Cryptocurrency course, headed by Dr. Carsten Sørensen, who is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and innovation. He has been studying the business and consumer impact since 1999 when he joined LSE.

Taking this course would help students learn the “practical skills to interact with Cryptocurrency exchanges”, touching and talking about many interesting things about Cryptocurrency and how to handle them.

How to use Cryptocurrency wallets and topics like evaluating the analytics of initial coin offerings (ICOs) are among the subjects.

Starting on 14 August of this year, the new LSE Crypto course will be available for access with no other prerequisites, everyone who has £1,800.

As said before, the course will give sixty hours of learning which will take six weeks to complete (without including orientation), and it will be made with an estimated commitment of seven to ten hours per week.

Why Should They Start Offering Crypto Courses? LSE’s Mission Knowing The Causes Of Things

For almost a century, the London School of Economics has always seeked to find and understand the reasons behind everything; their motto is ‘Rerum cognoscere causas’ or ‘to Know the Causes of Things’. Since they adopted this motto, its message will always resonate and guide the focus of LSE education and research.

The London School of Economics made all the researches required to give this online certificate course, instructing all the practical Crypto asset

knowledge with the “theoretical thought leadership” that renowned the London School of Economics. Students will also be able to explore how Cryptocurrencies have been shaping the future of money, markets, and industries little by little. They will also gain the knowledge required to understand how Cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and how the blockchain technologies work and react according to their environment.

Introducing this Crypto investment course, the institution intends to help private organizations, financial service firms, individual investors, and even governments at a global level, as well as regulatory bodies into understanding and make sense of the highly disruptive trend of Crypto.

LSE Joins A Growing List Of Institutions Offering Crypto Classes

Launching this course, LSE will join NYU, Cambridge, Stanford, Wharton and many institutions that now offer Crypto classes and courses.

The one who is known to have started it all might be the New York University (NYU) which offered a course called “Law and Business of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” back in 2014. Since then and with the Cryptocurrency boom, many other institutions have been offerings courses to help students and future investors get in tracks of the Cryptocurrency environment.