NAGA WALLET Launches New Feature, ICO-Hub

NAGA WALLET Launches New Feature, ICO-Hub

July 13, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

NAGA WALLET is a multi-currency payment gateway that seeks to let their users operate with a vast number of digital assets at the same time; it supports a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies. It’s always searching for new ways to innovate in terms of security, user-friendliness, and access to other asset classes.

With many features already available since their launch, the relatively new and user-friendly wallet will now have a new feature available along with its popular NAGA WALLET, known as ICO-Hub.

This new service seeks to make ICO sales simpler, comfortable, and more accessible for users. It provides everything they need to participate in no time, from a vast list of trustable ICOs to everything secured regarding safety and security.

It’s More Than Just Compiling Random ICOs Available Or Upcoming ICOs

NAGA WALLET’S new ICO-Hub intends to provide a list of ICOs which will be selected one by one by NAGA’s team of advisors and experts. The team will pay all their attention to ensure that only those with the highest trust rating will have the opportunity to be selected as for the Hub’s ICO list.

This new feature will also provide special discounts and sale conditions to their user-base, and at the same time, they will also distribute tokens to their NAGA WALLETs as soon as the chosen ICOs complete their period.

Easier Than Ever And A Great Option For Everyone

Participating in an ICO will only need their users to click a couple of times, and everyone using ICO-Hub will be able to participate in the best coin offerings.

ICO-Hub will also make things easier for an investor; it will give them NAGA’s official token -the NGC- as the method of payment for those ICOs, making the process even more accessible.

What NAGA wants to do with ICO-Hub is to provide a service that eliminates all delay and any possible complications that users have experimented with previous ICOs.

But, it isn’t only about simplifying things for users and ICO investors; ICO-Hub also seeks to provide aids to those running fundraising ventures.

NAGA offers optimal protection for ICOs via their NAGA WALLET’s security solution, which will ensure them free-fraudulent services with zero risk of scams.

NAGA Knows What They Are Doing; They Have History In Raising Funds

NAGA’s ecosystem busts one of the highest growing international Cryptocurrency user-bases in the world at an incredibly fast rate, having available on a daily basis more than 50,000 investors seeing all the ICOs available in ICO-Hub’s list.

ICO-Hub is backed by a reliable partner; by taking a look at how NAGA has handled ICOs in the past, users can see that the platform knows what they’re doing.

NAGA got recognized by the completion of the second biggest token sale in 2017.

With over $50 million raised and more than 60,000 investors, NAGA surely knows what to do with everything referred on how to raise funds.