New Cryptocurrency For Anime Fans

New Cryptocurrency For Anime Fans

July 6, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

It’s a weird combination for many, but an awesome combination for the anime fandom.

Who are we to judge?

Cryptocurrency keeps expanding its horizons every day. This time, the newest currency to enter the space is the Cosplay Token. Nowadays, cosplayers and their surrounding community are going through some hard challenges, like accurate payment and transparency in the industry.

Cure WorldCosplay are the developers of this Ethereum Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency with the name of Cosplay Token; it’s an open-source alternative to Bitcoin in terms of low costs that aims to become the default currency in the Cosplay Economy.

Cosplay Token ICO And Crowdfunding

Right now, Cure WorldCosplay is paying almost all its attention to the creators and makers instead of its ICO and general crowdfunding. No matter all their features, complexities, and difference over standard currencies, a Cryptocurrency will always be a difficult sell to newcomers, regardless of where they come from. Despite how much cosplayers can trust Cure WorldCosplay with their pictures and information, it is different for them to trust them in the same way with their wallets and investments.

In terms of payment, Cosplay Tokens or COT will have overlapping markets; since cosplay is deeply connected to Anime, Video games and comic industries, Cure expects those communities to accept Cosplay Token faster than many other digital currencies. When users asked how would they ensure the substation of their token, Cure said that they were creating something called Cure Protocol to facilitate sustainable growth for creators as well as their industry. The Cure Protocol and another vast variety of different initiatives were being developed, all of them aiming at promoting growth within the industry, which would allow the cosplayer to realize their true value.

The Use Of Cosplay Token

Just like the name of the Cryptocurrency says, the Cosplay Token was made for cosplayer in a way they can mint their own Sub-Cryptocurrency Player coins to exchange; if more users demand a cosplayer’s subcoin, the more value the subcoin will have. The deal with Cosplay Token is to give away for fans to tip their favorite cosplayers, or the ones they appreciate, and receive unique and exclusive

rewards in return. It works like Patreon but using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology in their favor.

Cosplay Token will also be amazingly useful for cosplayers in a way where they will be able to use them in the same way as real money, letting them and fans able to buy goods or services in any place that accepts its base Crypto (which is Ethereum).

Cosplay Token and Otaku Coin

Although Cosplay Token isn’t the only Cryptocurrency in the anime fandom, if they want to succeed as the prefered Cryptocurrency by the anime community, they will have to face and sidestep the criticism that plagues its contemporary known as Otaku Coin. Many users wonder what will be the difference between Cosplay Token and Otaku Coin.

The developers, Cure WorldCosplay, stated that they hope Otaku Coin’s existing user base will also be Cosplay Token’s biggest beneficiaries.