Litecoin Becomes One Of The Five Cryptocurrencies Available In The MCO Cryptocurrency Platform And Mobile Wallet

Litecoin Becomes One Of The Five Cryptocurrencies Available In The MCO Cryptocurrency Platform And Mobile Wallet

August 3, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies (measured by market capitalization) has now joined the MCO crypto platform with a mobile wallet. With more than US$4.3 billion in market capitalization, Litecoin joins Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ether (ETH), and MCO’s own cryptocurrency token.

Formerly known as Monaco, at MCO, customers can purchase, transfer, exchange, and spend cryptocurrencies right through their smartphone. Currently, MCO has over 180,000 mobile downloads for their app, with more than 88,000 MCO Vista card reserved.

This is all based on the statements given by MCO Technology, the company behind MCO.

A Great Move Towards Versatility

Adding Litecoin to the MCO Wallet app would let users enjoy the app’s functionality to transform the exchange into a more versatile platform. Adding Litecoin support to MCO products was a critical step towards the realization of increasing the number and diversity of cryptocurrencies for their users. This matches the company’s objective of having further compatibility in cryptocurrencies for investors.

MCO Technology: Who Are They?

Established in 2016, MCO Technology is located in Switzerland. They launched their initial coin offering (ICO) for their own token in the middle of 2017, raising more than 26.7 million USD. Later on, they launched their mobile app in open beta during May 2018. With one of the ICOs that raised the highest amount of capital in history, MCO is designed with the idea to be delivered to consumers who seek for a smooth and safe approach towards acquiring, exchanging, and spending their crypto coins.

Different products from MCO Technology

Currently, MCO Technology is working to deliver a Visa card, letting their users administer their spending once its available in seven different sovereign coins and making purchases overseas. In addition to it, through their online platform, users will have the possibility to track and receive transaction information in real time from their exchange and ATM usages and have the ability to freeze the card if anything goes wrong, all by simply tapping their devices.

MCO Technology is planning to deliver more products besides their Visa card; MCO Technology plans to add many products directly into their MCO Wallet app, including an Automated Crypto-Investing, which is a crypto investment robot-advisory service.

They even have their own credit offering with Crypto Credit. Having their Automated Crypto Investing would allow consumers to invest in crypto tokens, creating a portfolio quickly and simple.

This new product will bring a couple of new features with itself, like automated operations in buying and selling, as well as giving users access to withdraw their capital at all times with no transaction fees. MCO will only charge a small fee when users start making profits out of their product.

Meanwhile, users would make all the use out of Crypto Credit with 40% and 60% worth of the user’s value in their MCO tokens and BTC holds as a credit offer. MCO and Bitcoin holdings will also act as a guarantee.