Major League Baseball Officially Announces A Licensed Ethereum-based MLB Crypto Baseball Game And Collectibles

Major League Baseball Officially Announces A Licensed Ethereum-based MLB Crypto Baseball Game And Collectibles

July 17, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

Major League Baseball decided to jump and get into the trails of blockchain and the Crypto world, making a partnership to launch their own Ethereum-based game with the game studio Lucid Sight.

These two parties plan to work together to create MLB Crypto Baseball, planned to consist of officially licensed and digital sports collectibles existing in Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Ethereum technology

Many apps developers are using Ethereum as the base for their decentralized apps.


Well, Ethereum provides something that not many Blockchain technologies do, which is the concept of smart contracts.

A smart contract is a computer program that executes on a Blockchain.

Ethereum has its programming language; with the name of Solidity, it can be used by developers to write smart contracts and insert them into the Ethereum network. Once they are in the network, they’ll be executed in an environment known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. The Ethereum Blockchain and the EVM work as a memory and a machine where the Blockchain works as the memory of the EVM; it stores its persistent state and smart contract code. Ethereum uses Ether (Their official coin) to prevent any abuse of limited network resources.

Basically, Ethereum is a platform which combines a Cryptocurrency with a programming language that bases itself on Blockchain technology for creating computer programs that run on said environment.

Ethereum and MLB Crypto Baseball

Ethereum will play as a bridge used by MLB Crypto Baseball’s users to exchange Ether for MLB Cryptos secured through the Blockchain. A good example would be interactive figures and avatars, as well as digital collectibles that commemorate special moments. That’s due to them being a Blockchain able to run apps without facing problems with downtime, censorship, fraud or any third-party interference, MLB Crypto will be created with the idea of being as rare as traditional physical collectibles; it will be secured by the Ethereum Blockchain, staying as an immutable asset and owned by a single user.

Expecting to be available for summer, Lucid Sight is the one in charge to design and create a limited supply of MLB Crypto Collectibles.

After launching these collectibles, they’ll look forward to launching the game soon enough, aiming to hit and engage a younger audience.

There’s More Than Just Getting Rich

The Gaming and New Business Ventures Executive Vice President at MLB, Kenny Gersh stated that inserting MLB into the Blockchain and the Crypto world due to how popular they are. They want to innovate in the industry and try new ways to bring back baseball enthusiasts, mainly because MLB’s audience attendance has increasingly dropped this season.

This is why MLB Crypto will give their users the possibility to collect unique products that commemorate and celebrate Major League Baseball events.

MLB seeks to give a product for each moment in sports worthy enough for you to want it as a way to remember that event and cheers for it, a way to make users feel like they were there.