More Businesses In Queensland Now Accepting BCH

More Businesses In Queensland Now Accepting BCH

September 18, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

North Queensland is slowly becoming a Bitcoin cash (BCH) hub as the number of businesses accepting the virtual currency keeps growing. The region now has a Bitcoin Cash meet-up. Furthermore, the Australian state is hosts the country’s first BCH-only ATM. Most traders believe concentrating on one Cryptocurrency is eliminating confusion among customers wishing to pay using the new currencies.

Number Of Businesses Accepting BCH Increases

For several months, numerous BCH advocates have been encouraging more businesses in the North Queensland area to adopt the virtual currency. Various posts on Reddit forum r/BTC indicate that more businesses in the region are adopting the digital asset. North Queensland is a large area and is quite different from the rest of the Queensland State.

The region has a Bitcoin Cash meet up where the community meets to discuss the virtual currency. BCH-only ATM, the only one in the country is located in the area. Many businesses in the region are accepting BCH payment and the number is growing every day. Of the 73 businesses that accept BCH in the state, 33 are located in the northern region.

BCH Is Popular Among Different Businesses

The popularity of BCH payment is not restricted to only one industry. Various businesses from different industries in the North Queensland region have adopted the new payment method. This week, laundries in the area started to accept the virtual currency. Several coffee shops such as The Flying Turtle, the Coffee Pedlar, and the Alt Brew have also incorporated the new payment method.

Element Studio is allowing its customers to pay for art and clothing using BCH. Those wishing to burn out excess calories can pay for the services using the virtual currency at Strand Crossfit & Fitness facilities. If you’re tired with your tattoo, Eraza Laser Tattoo Removal will not hesitate to accept your payment in the digital asset.

Near the Brisbane Airport, around 40 businesses are accepting BCH payment. Virtually, there’s nothing that you cannot purchase in the area with the virtual currency. While in the region, you can know more about BCH by grabbing your copy of the local North Queensland paper.

Sticking With One Cryptocurrency Eliminates Confusion

Given that Cryptocurrencies are relatively new to many people, coming across those who have been confused about the different coins is common. The decision by businesses in the North Queensland region to use one Cryptocurrency is not an arbitrary one. They have discovered that the use of only BCH can eliminate the confusion.

The locals and visitors buying different products and services in the region using the virtual currency are finding it less confusing and straightforward. The merchants are also finding it easy to provide their customers with technical support. This is a good method of encouraging the use of Cryptocurrencies, especially among those unfamiliar with the technology.

Although it is quite early to assess the impact of adopting one Cryptocurrency, however, it is clear that more businesses are willing to adopt the new currency if it is less confusing to the customers. Maybe more businesses will try to visit the region in an attempt to understand why Cryptocurrency payment has become so popular among the traders and their customers.