Coinbase Taps Into LinkedIn Expertise

Coinbase Taps Into LinkedIn Expertise

September 19, 2018 0 By Austin Patel

Coinbase has hired Michael Li as a Vice President of the Data department in the company. This is an aim of the company to better their service delivery in anticipation of growing demand for their services from the ever-growing clientele. The new VP served as the head of analytics and data science in LinkedIn. He also has vast experience in e-commerce, financial services, Cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technologies (DLT) that are relevant for Coinbase operations.

Coinbase Will Benefit From LinkedIn Strategies

Coinbase is an American Crypto exchange platform. It is one of the leading Blockchains that is not only prominent in the US but also in Canada, Europe, and the Far East regions which continue to be the global leaders of Cryptocurrency investments.

On the other side, LinkedIn offers a social platform that is tailored to benefit the corporate world. This is done through hosting job seekers profiles, bios and qualifications and making them available to employers. Additionally, the social platform enables corporates and employers to advertise vacant positions and opportunities to job seekers. The strengths of the network are that it becomes easier for either party to get the best of what they are looking for.

This means that LinkedIn has elaborate features to maintain data of all the platform users. This is done through approaches that verify the authenticity of records from users. Hence, the new VP can bring in new skills in Coinbase that will allow the network to control and manage data effectively.

Coinbase Is On A Hiring Streak To Improve Network’s Performance

Coinbase is slowly reorganizing the internal staff and department. The management is aiming to revamp services and offer cutting edge Crypto exchange services that will be unmatched by their competitors. To achieve this feat, one of the areas of concern is data management.

Proper data management assures the security of investors wallets from the ever-looming threat of cyber-attacks from hackers. Coinbase seeks to upgrade the existing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The need to hire competent employees is further relevant as the industry landscape is always changing and there is a need for the company to have brilliant and intelligent people to steer the network into the relevant technological space.

Michael is the second senior employee to be employed by Coinbase from LinkedIn. In March 2018, Emilie Choi from LinkedIn was hired as the VP of Corporate and Business Development. Another senior staff from Amazon, Tim Wagner, was hired as the VP of Engineering in July 2018.

Michael Li Is Enthusiastic About His New Post

Michael is “thrilled by the opportunity” to work at Coinbase. He believes that he will be able to “define and evolve” the data role in the “emerging space”. He is certain that he will contribute towards cementing Coinbase’s leading position in the crypto world.

Meanwhile, Coinbase is working to expand the New York office from a staff of 20 people to 150. The aim is to institutionalize Coinbase into a mainstream company.